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20.05.2020 05:25
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For the Spring Festival this year, I had the honour to return to the hometown of Hubei, which was 8 years apart, and spent the long-awaited New Year with my grandparents. This time I am reunited. I seem to have a better understanding of the folk customs of my hometown, and I also have some insights. First introduce the New Year customs! In Hubei, there are three sections in a year. The New Year is the most grand. From the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it is prepared until the thirtieth year. In addition to what it wears, it eats the most, such as drying "frozen rice". Hot bean cakes, playing "glutinous rice cake", etc., are extremely rich! Specially, frozen rice, bean cake and glutinous rice cake are the best Newport 100S. When preparing New Year ��s food, women are primarily responsible, while men focus on clearing up debts. The receivable horses kept urging Marlboro Cigarettes, and the money to be paid had to be paid before the thirtieth year Cigarettes For Sale. But the poor people are: "Thirty hide-and-seek cats, waving hands at the first day." Means: In the New Year, I am afraid that the creditors will be forced to hide, and I will hide everywhere, until the first day of the first lunar month, because from the thirty night to the Lantern Festival. The creditor can never ask the debtor for money, so he can rest assured. The term New Year ��s Eve dinner is called ��New Year ��s Eve�� or ��Group New Year ��s Eve�� in Hubei, and the time is usually before noon or daylight. The words spoken on that day should be auspicious. In order to prevent children from saying their words, they ca n��t help but post children ��s words. "Or" 100 no taboos "red paper. After the meal, the elders gave out red envelopes, the juniors collected the New Year's money, and the ban was widened at night. The lights were bright, all night long, the so-called Shou Sui; the East was not white, and firecrackers were fired. Going out of the sky, opening the door, and welcoming the New Year ��s Day to see the customs of Hubei I always feel very uncomfortable. After New Year ��s Eve dinner, they were busy with the mobile phone text messages sent until the Spring Festival Gala began. Everyone sat on the sofa and enjoyed the party program. After reading it, it was not early so I went to bed and thought of it, I suddenly had a question in my mind that I had never thought about: What is the warmest thing we can do on New Year ��s Eve? Yes, the traditional niche is indeed very attractive to us, but how much does it seem to retain now? All happiness seems to be replaced by modern high technology. Eating a reunion dinner, sending out red envelopes, watching the party, the Spring Festival is the same process every time, every time I wait for the arrival of the New Year, but when it passed, I felt plain and uncommon, not much to be memorable. Although it is also very warm, I always feel that the more simple things are missing. The basic meaning of the Spring Festival is that only during this time of the year, many people have the opportunity to reunite with the most important people in life. Under the gradual change of China, the original simple, beautiful and warm appearance is maintained.
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