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31.12.2019 07:29
oncern for others tha Antworten

Camel Xiangzi" tells a story that happened in Beijing. Xiangzi is a simple, hard-working driver pulling the car diligently. During the war, he was taken away by soldiers, and when he fled, he took three camels and sold them for a little money. He returned to Renhe Depot, pulled the moon and scattered Marlboro Cigarettes, but was ashamed of the temptation of Huniu. He pulled out a month at Mr. Cao's house and worked hard to save money, but things went against him. Detective Sun extorted Xiangzi's savings on the grounds of "arresting Mr. Cao." His hopes of buying a car again fell into disbelief, so that he began to doubt the path of life he had been insisting on. In the following days, a series of blows such as marrying Huniu, getting sick, Huniu dying and giving birth, and hanged himself to kill her, made Shoko completely fallen. He renounced himself, betrayed others for money, and was reduced to a lifeless shoko like a walking dead. His life was miserable. While reading this book, I felt sorry for him. When he first arrived in Beijing, he was so hardworking and simple, but under the influence of the working people's class and society at the time Cigarettes Online, he lost his original heart and even gave up his long-held belief that he would buy a car instead of falling. While feeling sad for him, I can't help thinking, if I keep my belief, what will happen to Xiangzi's life? When one is still ambition and full of hope in life against the background of suffering, then even if it is difficult to survive, suffering is a kind of grind to him, and it is the necessary ups and downs in pursuit of his dream. The Russian poet Pushkin once wrote, "You need to be calm in a melancholic day. Believe it, a happy day will come." This shows that the power of faith is powerful. The persevering pursuit of dreams is enough to make a person optimistic and uplifting, and persistence is essential to adhere to one thing, sometimes it is difficult, but persistence, to meet you is the sky after a rain That gorgeous rainbow. There was a time when my results were not very good. The first place is always a bit short for me. Once, twice ... my confidence started to shake, and I began to wonder: maybe it was a goal that I could not reach. Do I need to work hard? But I look at the people around them, they are very ordinary, but they are also working hard! Then stick with it. I restarted planning and studied the methods of learning. In those bewildered days, with a little bit of effort, it seemed to feel that the success was closer. When I saw this book, I was secretly grateful that instead of giving up my efforts, I chose to insist on seeing "A Little Thing," a short story, but also telling a driver. The society in which he lives is also a poor peasant class, and "touched" an old woman while pulling a car. When she crossed the road, she fell to the ground. The author asked the driver to continue, but he stepped forward to lift up the old woman. In today's society, it has become a hot topic for the elderly to fall over to help. Of course, at that time, this problem also existed. And no matter how hard the life of the coachman, he still did not lose the innocence and kindness in his heart. The ancients, at the beginning of man, have good nature. At all times, with good intentions, no matter how bad the society is, it will not affect you, your nature. "His dust-covered back was suddenly tall", and it was precisely his concern for others that made his ordinary image extraordinary in the eyes of the author. With the progress of society, the emotions between people have also undergone subtle changes. The kindness of people who didn't know each other gradually faded Newport Cigarettes. However, in a group society, maintaining a positive attitude, being able to do well in myself, has benefited me a lot. It has taught me the importance of persisting in my dreams. On the way to life, there may be thorns, but please don't give up that original heart. May all people in the world face this world with good intentions.
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