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turn off. I remember once there was a rural grandma at home. I didn't like it very much, so when she asked me, I always ignored me. My mother called me to the room with her eyebrows locked tightly. Asked me, "What's the matter with you?" I replied impatiently, "I hate the clothes she wears and the way she talks Online Cigarettes. And I didn't bring any gifts with me." I never got angry at me in the impression. His mother said, "I don't care if you like it or not. In this home, respect for elders and courteous hospitality is the most basic discipline. If you want us to like you, you must follow this rule. "Mom didn't say anything more, let me think about it in the room Newport Cigarettes. I didn't take it for granted. I thought about it, and thought that such a trivial matter is worthy of such seriousness? Mom and dad didn't call me when I was eating. The grandmother in the living room asked me why she didn't call me. The mother said, "She did something wrong and wanted to understand before she could eat." The grandma said, "Teach slowly." Yeah, I'm still a kid! Sitting alone in the room felt aggrieved, and tears couldn't help falling. The grandmother came into the room and greeted me to go out, and I gave her a glaring resentment, thinking: It's you! Forced by my mother's "sexy power", I pretended to be very well-behaved at the dining table. My mother gave me a glance and sighed softly. After eating, my mother pulled me and sent my grandmother far away. The grandma reluctantly touched my face before getting on the bus: "When I'm on vacation, let my mother take you to my house to play!" I couldn't help but be moved for a while, and said sincerely, "Grandma, you are free and come often." On the way back, my mother finally smiled. She told me that when she was very young, her grandparents were dual-workers. Busy at work, this grandma brought her up. When the farm was busy, she was afraid that her mother would not be taken care of, so she took it home in the countryside. She always gave the best things to her mother. They have n��t seen each other for years. Grandma. Said to take a look at this time by relatives. "You're old, you're old." Mom muttered to herself, and there were faint tears in her eyes. I leaned to my mother gently, annoyed by the previous impoliteness! Over time, when I heard someone again mention the words of family style and tutoring, this little thing became clearer and clearer in my mind: Mom taught me in front of improper guests, not only forgiving to me, but also for fear of guests Embarrassment, respect for the guests; Mom always remembers how good others are to her, and places herself in the interest of others, and her eyes make me understand that I must have a kind, compassionate and grateful heart since I was a child; It is disappointment to me. My house rules, style, and tutor were not written on paper, hung on the wall, it was engraved in my eyes and imprinted on my heart, as if the French writer Roland once said: "Life is not a Individuals growing in isolation. It grows and collects the flourishing leaves along the way. It also looks like a sensitive camera and ingests what you hear along the way. Every minute and every inch of daily life is a fiber that weaves personality. "House rules are silent education, family style is an invisible infection, and family education is a wordless classic. These potential forces allow us not to grow crooked when we grow into a big tree, so that we can bathe the sun and thrive as a new era. Young people, we will surely inherit those fine family and national customs Cigarettes For Sale, and let the flowers of civilization bloom around us

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