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03.12.2019 03:51
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The sunset was sinking, and I was alone by the lake Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I paced slowly, the gentle evening wind brushed my face, thousands of thoughts flowed into my heart, how can I believe that the old man who accompanied me through countless beautiful days just left me forever like this? In his memory, he was a small but strong old boy with a slightly crooked smile Marlboro Lights. In my childhood, how many days without my parents were when he turned me from being lonely and introverted into a sunny, lively and outgoing girl. Thinking of it, my nose was sore, and a few drops of bean-dropped tears slipped through my heart. Inadvertently, I thought of that sad night again. The whole family was asleep, and her mother's cell phone ringing suddenly reminded her. After receiving the call, her mother's mood immediately lost control. She was dignified and changed her clothes while crying, and she only choked when she asked again and again. He said, "My mother called to say that Dad had a heart attack again. At the hospital, the doctor said that it might be possible ..." At this moment, the family of three completely woke up from their dreamland. Before we had time to change clothes, we rushed together. Every sound of "Ding, Ding, Ding" Grandpa's heart beating to the hospital was very clear, but the sound seemed to be getting weaker and weaker ... The whole family was standing in front of the hospital bed. At that moment, time seemed to freeze, and it broke first. This is still grandpa. "You all go out first, granddaughter, you stay." Grandpa said painstakingly. "Come here, child." He grinned at the corner of his mouth, as if letting me see him on weekdays, I finally couldn't hold back, dripping a few clear tears, he wiped the tears on my face with his weak hands, weak. Said: "Child, grandfather's time is running out, your parents are old, don't need me to worry about it, this ... you are most concerned about it." I could not help sobbing. "Look, I know you'll cry. I'm leaving. You won't be able to drop a tear. Go strong and optimistic, even without your grandfather's company ... Take care of your grandmother and change your timid and cowardly self Cigarettes For Sale. Hey! Life is short, child, whatever you encounter, you must be strong, face it with a smile, your grandfather will always guard you, forever ... "Before he finished, he slept forever the grandfather's funeral, My mother couldn't hear her tears, and her tears were like rain. As a man's father, she was secretly wiping tears. I appeased them. My heart was astringent, my bitter, and my seventh thought. My strong conviction supported me. I didn't shed a tear, but my heart was crying silently. I always remembered my grandpa's words in my mind! Whose life is always flat and whose life is not upset? Grandpa is no longer a relative who has left me, but a teacher of my soul.

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