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15.11.2019 02:42
Balzac once said: Antworten

Balzac once said: "Frustration is like a stone, but it is a stumbling block for the weak, but it is a stepping stone for the strong, and it stands taller." But there are always stories behind the success! He came from the city of Ports, Germany, and Beethoven, who had been entangled with his misery and joy, a great musical genius. Under his own efforts, he became a strong man, and he took out a world and made himself successful. His life��s frustration made him In the admiration and envy of the world, the glory of a lifetime is achieved, and the chapters of history shine with brilliance. Beethoven��s childhood did not enjoy the warmth of the family. His father was a drunkard. When his father discovered that he had musical talent, he let him spend the whole day with the violin. After hard work, he became a cellist at the age of thirteen. Unfortunately. It was the mother who died of illness in 1787, but fortunately found a comfort in the mind. This is where the Broy family and his daughter became the companions of Beethoven's childhood Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The French Revolution broke out The war burned Beethoven��s hometown. He had to choose to leave. What is more unfortunate is that the pain has already sounded the door of Beethoven��s fortune, becoming a blind man, and even the internal organs are suffering from tremendous trauma. But he did not surrender to continue on the path of music, his character does not allow him to easily yield, Beethoven he succeeded Edison once said: "Genius is an inspiration plus 99% of the sweat, the facts Indeed, we are no stranger to lighting, and the evaluation is very good, but who knows the light behind it? Edison is full of curiosity about things from an early age, and likes to find out everything about life. It is because of this age. I didn't have a school i because Edison often asked some very difficult questions, such as 2+2 is equal to 4? His problem was overwhelmed by the teacher and he had to go home. After that, the mother became the teacher of Edison, and Edison was strong. I love to invent and then invent the electric light Wholesale Cigarettes, but it always fails. So many people laugh at him, look down on him, despise him, look down on him, and make the mind suffer again. Because of this, he has to prove himself. After numerous trials, he finally invented a durable electric lamp. He obtained 1,328 invention patents in 41 years from 1896 to 1910. He was not overwhelmed by ridicule and frustration. Edison succeeded. Edison and Beethoven are people who are not gods, and their shortcomings are inevitable, but these do not hinder their success. Their success can be said to be spent in frustration and difficulties. But because of this, The lesson of failure, they have a wonderful life. Success is built by a kind of attitude towards life, the courage to challenge and the spirit of disobedience. After you have paid the price of success, you will be rewarded.
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