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In the long journey of Antworten

In the long journey of life, we are always unfortunate and encounter setbacks. Perhaps we will be sad and disappointed. But we can't, we have to choose strong. "Zhang Haidi" has all her embarrassment below her chest, but she has studied more than ten foreign languages, as well as Esperanto, and has taught herself a number of courses in junior high school, high school, university, etc. I have translated many books and learned acupuncture to treat other people. Suffering destroyed some people, but strong will make people look up and face difficulties and "Helen Keller" is also the same Marlboro Red, she was born because of scarlet fever, binaural deafness, blind eyes. However, he continued to strive for self-improvement and wrote "If you give me three days of light," many people with disabilities were encouraged. Like Helen Keller, there are no reefs in the sea that can't be stirred, and life can't stand the frustration. Although "Shi Tiesheng" is disabled with both feet, he is seriously ill. But he still insists on writing and fighting against illness. Remember that Shi Tiesheng and Lewis have a photo. Lewis stood straight. Shi Tiesheng couldn't stand up, but his soul was running innocently, with a speed that surpassed Lewis. Lewis respects him and respects the Chinese writer who runs. Indeed, life will not be smooth for everyone, there will always be twists and turns. Only face up to setbacks and face life, you may become a strong person in life! Those who cry with tears to their lives and desire to be pity are all cowardly acts and futile Parliament Cigarettes. Unfortunately, losers, let us face the setbacks in life with a smile! Let us choose to be strong! [In the long life, there will always be a lot of pain. In the face of pain, some people chose soft face to face pain. Some people chose to escape Newport 100S. In the face of pain, I chose a holiday in the strong fourth grade. Everything is so beautiful. The sun rises high above the blue sky and white clouds. The white clouds danced in the air. The river sings a beautiful little song, everything is so harmonious. I am playing here. When the sun kisses the mountain, I come to the door of the house with a good mood and just enter the house. The crisp screams are gone, and the laughter is gone. Instead, there were a few sobs in the vagueness. I came upstairs with a sly mood. I saw my mother sitting in a chair, my eyes were red, my eyes were wet, and I saw her. She screamed and screamed and smiled. "Mom, don't you cry, what am I doing wrong?" "No, it's not your business." "Then don't cry any more." "Good..." Mom said as she picked up tears and smiled. But, a few drops of tears seemed to be right with the smile, and they burst out. "Mom, what the hell is going on, tell me!" "Your grandfather passed away." Mom cried even harder. "No, no, the grandfather's body is so tough, "Impossible..." But I saw the look of my mother. I believe that my grandfather did die. I plunged into the bed. "Why, why, my grandfather is so good, from childhood When Grandma hit me, he always guarded me. The first word I knew, the first formula, the first song, he taught him. Why, hey, if you don��t come here, how good it is, so If you can, I will be with my grandparents every day. Unfortunately, it��s late... everything is late. My heart is like a pinch of pain, I look up the window, the white clouds floating around are irritating, the crisp bird is boring..... everything is good It turned gray. "You are rich, don't be sad, you forgot that your grandfather doesn't always tell you that you must be strong!" "Be strong to me, my grandfather must look at me in another world. If he sees me like this, he will be sad." "My mother said something to wake me up." Grandpa, I wish you happiness and pain in another world, always going to pass, as long as you face it hard, the pain will also fear you three points, let us face the pain with strength
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