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23.10.2019 09:16
The youth that can' Antworten

The youth that can't be forgotten is a symbol of hope; we are bitter and youthful, symbolizing difficulties. ����We are all students and we must study every day. Some people say that the task is very heavy. Some people say that learning is painful, happy, and so on. But remembering this bitter and sweet time, but we can't forget the "love Marlboro Lights, friendship, affection, kindness, so many emotions, all of which are closely related to us. Maybe you will have the love of "first love", which makes You are unforgettable; maybe you will have a friendship of "damaging friends"; maybe you will have the affection of your parents, they will make you live in a warm ocean; maybe you will have teachers to teach, swear, help, maybe we find it hard to find Many "loves" are really a bit "in the blessings, I don't know how to be blessed". One inch of time, one inch of gold, and one inch of gold is difficult to buy in time Parliament Cigarettes, we are cherished, don't wait until you are old and yellow, regret it and let yourself If you live a little more, computer games may not give you happiness, and your gang of "damaging friends" will make you very happy. I think everyone has a childhood playmate, that laughs and hurts each other. Scene I think you still remember Harvard has an inspirational phrase "The friction of the machine costs cost Marlboro Cigarettes, the friction between people wears the heart and rubs our youth, rubbing our time; since we all have forgotten Out of love, do not let the time open heart ah rub off on us. Let us rub in these "loves", because the future may not really be a dream.
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