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08.08.2019 09:23
f the phone should Antworten

countryside is good. The spring��s footsteps must appear earlier in our fields. There are birds singing, the fragrance of the fields and the creeps of the insects on the mounds, the ride into the traffic, the merchants on the roadside have already opened their doors, and no one wants to be in such a situation. The opportunity to lose income, the people who ride bicycles to work, the facial expressions are also filled with happiness and joy, of course, there are also expressionless people, watching the guy, riding a car drowsy in the squat, maybe I didn��t have a break with my girlfriend, but this possibility is very small, because he lacks the expression of spiritual pleasure. If he doesn��t guess wrong, he should just come out from the Internet cafe, brother, wake up, don��t make yourself good. Years is wasted in the virtual online game. You see that the guy is riding a car and going to work. There is strength in the body, and the girl behind the spirit is also happy to hug the boy��s waist with his hands. How romantic, this kind of Intimate scenes were not seen in the 1980s Cheap Cigarettes. Look at the teenager who was riding a bicycle. His face was childish, but his actions were swaying. He stepped on the ground and left his head on the beam Newport Cigarettes. A leisurely look, look at another passerby look serious, watching the red light expression is so focused, in the work, he should be a serious, principled or positive person to see Oh, yes, there is a beautiful girl, a pink coat reflects her face, no thick makeup on her face, no false eyelashes, fake bangs, just a little make-up, in the sun Under the light, it seems so fresh, so moving, and there is still a smile on her face. It is not the kind of icy ice beauty. I smiled at him like a smile. She turned her head shyly. Of course, I don't have any idea, after all, there is a tiger in the house. What else? At this time, a grandfather riding a tricycle came into my eyes. When the car was empty, he should be working like a bottle. The face of the old man was covered with vicissitudes, and the wrinkles on his face were The thin face looks so deep, the hair is white, the waist is a little bow, and the age is at least 60 years old, but he still comes out to work for a living, regardless of age, regardless of physical fatigue, Regardless of the danger of the flow of cars and seas, yeah, for the sake of life, for the older age of their own, or for their children, the grandfather may have children, grandchildren, granddaughters, grandfathers and hope for the kindness of the children and grandchildren around the knees. However, in order to live, he still came out to rely on waste to make a living. Maybe the grandfather has no children, maybe he does not want to rely on others, he wants to survive on his own, and the grandfather may not have any so-called pension insurance, medical insurance, and no chess room. There is no activity center, but he is also alive and wonderful. The melody of a beautiful little town story interrupts my reverie. It is a phone ringing a simple sister, ringing through the phone Carton Of Cigarettes. I feel that the big sister should be a very emotional person. In the 1980s, she should also be crazy about Deng Lijun, obsessed with the sound of the voice, only to see her pick up the phone, a happy smile on her face, through happiness The expression felt that the other side of the phone should be her other half, or her child, how happy the expression, finally realized the sentence - the smiling woman is the most beautiful, riding a bicycle in the streets of the city, the scenery Everywhere, the roadside sells sweet potato aunts, sweeping sanitation workers, the bustling crowds on the pedestrian street, the flowers and plants in the park, and the sound of the insects, feel it, the scenery is by your side, change the angle Change your mind, beauty will put down the impetuous voice in front of you, walk into the noisy crowd, it is also a kind of scenery, quiet and quiet, returning to the scenery everywhere
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02.10.2019 10:57
#2 RE: f the phone should Antworten

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20.02.2020 10:07
#3 RE: f the phone should Antworten
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29.02.2020 08:00
#4 RE: f the phone should Antworten
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