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The long-lasting professional sports tradition Antworten

Player's receive this honor for different reasons. Sometimes it's a case of the player's performance on the field Noah Fant Jersey , and other times it's a reflection of their value and long tenure with the organization in question. In some unfortunate cases, it's simply because the player passed away at a young age. This all holds true in the NFL, but as is the same with every sport, there are some players who simply do not deserve the distinction of having their number retired. Again , the reasons vary, but throughout the history of retiring numbers in the NFL, there have been some real head-scratchers.While it's understandable why some players who had hot and cold careers would have their number retired because of their contributions to a team during a successful era, it doesn't mean that it was necessarily warranted. To an objective observer who has no connection with the team Drew Lock Jersey , it's easier to see the flaws of these players, and it's worth questioning whether the honor was deserved. In many cases, one can make the argument that it wasn't.Ranked below are 15 NFL players who never should have had their number retired. The draft can be the biggest gamble in the NFL. Make the right choice and you end up with a franchise player who leads you to the Super Bowl and boosts your fortunes massively. Make the wrong choice and you’re left with an overpriced guy who puts up worse numbers than a high schooler. So many teams have gone both ways, making choices that blow up in their face while others can nab the right guys. It should be remembered that numbers don’t always matter; after all , Tom Brady went to the sixth round in 2000 before being grabbed by the Patriots and becoming a superstar. Sadly, he’s the rare exception as too many top guys fail to live up to their potential.There have been slews of cases over the years but each draft class has one glaring guy who stands out for the wrong reason. Every draft has a guy who had such promise, who was nabbed at a top number only to totally fail to live up to expectations in the NFL. The last two decades have brought some big ones and here are the top choices. The biggest disappointment of each NFL draft since 1996 and how teams run a big risk when they try to nab a star.The 2016 draft won't be included, as it's far too early to judge this year's rookies.

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