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What is viral marketing? Antworten

Types of Advertising Methods:
In the current world of turbulence, all business owners are trying to overthrow their competitors and identify themselves as a brand and model. Companies have no choice but to take advantage of advertising and marketing tricks in order to be able to step beyond their rivals.

Now a question is raised and what tricks are available and which one we choose?

There are many tricks for introducing and identifying a brand that the use of these tricks can lead to more sales, higher profits, and consequent business prosperity. In order to be able to use effective advertising methods, we need to continuously monitor market behavior, customer behavior as well as the behavior of our competitors, so that we do not go far behind and always be one step ahead. If your business is small and small, you can use promotional methods such as banner printing, brochure publishing, distribution of products or product catalogs, installation of a billboard as a doorway to the shop door, such as the Chalnium panel, which these days The reason for the extraordinary beauty has come in many ways and you have the right to install an advertising campaign, but if you are active in the field of large businesses and your area of ​​activity is beyond the environment and works at the national or international level, in addition to advertising methods Cited can be by designing and building a billboard and installing it on highways and urban squares Designing and manufacturing short-term video clips of the type of products or services and displaying it on urban television in public spaces and rest, advertising on radio and television and other mass media, advertising on social networks, guerrilla advertising, sampling advertising Three-dimensional promotional stickers and viral marketing that are the main topic of our discussion.

Viral marketing or oral marketing (WOM Marketing)?
Viral marketing is one of the marketing methods that is shared in the form of a virus on social networks or via email or transmitted through humans to reach a wide range of public opinion so that People talk about it. In fact, using this method, we try to create a spontaneous advertising platform through social networks and the Internet, and the propaganda message as a virus is rapidly growing. One of the goals that are considered in viral marketing is minimizing the cost of advertising and quick access to a large number of people.

Viral Marketing History:
If we want to tell the exact date of viral marketing, there are still many differences of opinion in this regard, but according to several views, the history of the two words of marketing and the virus dates back to 1990. One of the first activists in the field of viral marketing is Dags Raskouff, who in this regard Published an article that he believes that when a user sits on a viral content, he shares and shares it with others, thus causing all users to spread the virus.

The invention of a virus-targeting method in advertising dates back to 1995, which is related to the early era of digital or digital marketing. This is the first time that the think tank of the Chiat / Day Advertising Agency, which is currently integrated with the TBWA International Advertising Agency, The first PlayStation device was introduced.

The Chiat / Day Advertising Agency launched a secret campaign with influential people in every area including street teams, advertised on the PlayStation device, and managed to overcome many people in a short time, and this one's trick The most successful way to sell Sony's PlayStation product.

In 1996, Hotmail's Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail

Subsequently, in 1999, with the provision of Internet bases, Daniel Marick and Eduardo Sanchez, using innovative techniques, introduced their new film, the first of a kind of pseudo-documentary film style, called The Blair Witch Project, and used all their efforts. To make the movie a true story in the eyes of every visitor and the result of their efforts was to reach a profit of $ 250 million that was unprecedented before that time.

Bob Gerstelli is also one of the people who introduced the SNP algorithm in marketing viral marketing research to identify people with high potential in social networks in 2004. Bob Gerstelli uses a concept called the alpha user for target audiences for any promotional campaign and hub for haters for influencers.

In early 2013, the first viral marketing meeting was held in Las Vegas and viral marketing methods were identified for various media.

Application Strategies for Viral Marketing:
Viral marketing provides the opportunity to use collaborative products and services for free. Viral marketing generates new ideas and creatives to advertise the product or deliver the product. For example, a company with free software and its ability to publish and distribute it to other people can name and promote their message in these software and cause the brand name and advertising company to turn the virus in the world of the Web or can You can provide free services for your customers, such as a free email service, free apps, free downloads, or free sample delivery of products.

Sometimes people like students are looking for free articles in their curriculum by encouraging people to buy products by writing free articles and incorporating product types and brand names.

You can provide people with the possibility of subscribing to the visitors and sending newsletters to their users and offering a space for a free personal site as your subscription, so that they can also publish their own content in addition to promoting your product or service in that space. Share.

You can design sites that also have a forum so that you can connect online to the visitors to the site and challenge them to discuss your products or services.

Creating convincing content, in producing viral content, there should be little humor and humor, and should be such that, in addition to persuading the reader to follow the story, it makes sense for him to discuss the subject with others.

Always targeting audiences. A promotional campaign should choose a different type of advertising for audiences with different cultures and customs rather than continuous use of a method for all audiences, this not only does not make business progress. Instead, there are irreparable damage to the face of a brand.

Campaign Initial Release: Here is the purpose of the advertisement in the Tirez. An initial release for new businesses that aims to spread the campaign virus among the first group on the Internet or social networks, such as sending email or SMS messages, forums, social networks, chat rooms, blogs and other methods. .

Controlling and Measuring Results To understand whether viral marketing has affected your business, you need to set achievable and specific goals within a specific time frame, and after completing the set time, check whether advertising success has really been. Whether or not it is.

Easy transfer of information: As we all know, the virus runs when all conditions are favorable and the transmission paths are open to the virus, so if you want to be proud of viral marketing, you have to choose a media to publish your message. Share, transfer and communicate easily. This kind of marketing easily allows this and is published through the Internet and social networks provided that your message is attractive, captivating, short so that the viewer would be unwilling to see it and be proud to send it. Encourage other audiences

Moving from small to bigger levels: Viral marketing campaigns should be able to easily migrate to larger levels. For example, if you use a free email service and need to be transferred to the main server, your system must have this ability Which processes and sends information quickly, and the infrastructure and software have the ability to pull out more extensive operations.

Identify typical behaviors and motivations of individuals: Intelligent virus tracking is always the type of customers' minds, as we have stated, observing the behavior of the audience and paying attention to their interests in the correct way of choosing a promotional message and its effectiveness is significant.

Social media An effective tool for the advertising campaign:

Today, a large percentage of people spend their leisure time on social networks rather than having their time spent reading books or establishing family-friendly relationships, and moving everything that they find interesting through the same networks. For example, you can create and publish a funny clip or a happy music related to your service about your services, so that the viewer can see it in addition to understanding the purpose of the ad that is your brand as a fun tool for others. Submit

Use of other sources:

Using other people's resources, such as posting a message or image on a website or advertising website, can lead to a massive message transfer.

Reasons for the Importance of Viral Marketing:

Social networks and the web are another member of the family, because people who used to talk about different issues in the past when they were unemployed nowadays have every chance of being online and chatting on the Internet and social networks. And because personal contact on the web or social network does not cost much to users, users can easily turn over information within a few days to thousands of people, including the activities that companies can motivate. Customers are encouraged to receive more services:

Services or valuable concepts

Encourage financial and create a competitive environment among users

Entertainment, animation, postcards and much more

Types of Viral Marketing:

Value Virus Marketing:

In this way, the quality of the products and services provided by a company is important, giving users the opportunity to survey the products they have used and describe their quality and characteristics to someone else. The other person is encouraged to use that product and this cycle continues.

Cunning Viral Marketing:
In this method, incentive tricks are used to encourage people. In fact, the user describes to another user the quality and characteristics of a product, so that the user takes action on the purchase of the product, and if the product is purchased, the reward is considered for the first user and the second user also adds people in their subset. In this way, people are encouraged to get more buyers and receive more rewards.

Viable Viral Marketing:
A typical example of this marketing model has been implemented by Acrobat and Ebay. The methodology is that people want to share their experiences with others who need to use a specific product. For example, a user wants to share a product with another person if a second user needs another product.

Viral Viral Marketing:
In this model, people are sharing their interesting and varied experiences with others, but compulsory products and products do not have that status.

Unpleasant Viral Marketing:
If users are dissatisfied with the use of some non-quality products or services, they will share it with other people.

Viral Marketing Problems:
Name brand control: In marketing, in this way, the brand owner does not have 100% control over his brand and does not know what users are going to connect with in the future. For example, many of the incoming messages may come from people other than the target audience. As a result, people may modify or distort the message, which will lead to a different understanding of the company's brand.

Growth Without Charts: This method of marketing sometimes leads to the growth of the company in unpredictable paths that are not at all on the company's strategic planning and planning path.

Lack of Measurement and Measurement: When sending email messages, the company can not correctly identify one hundred percent whether the user has received the message or if the message has been received, has it been tracked?

The threat of personal relationships: Every time advertisements are executed in the wrong way, it undermines the type of marketing and thus distorts the marketer's position. For example, when a business email is accidentally received by a friend, it weakens our personal and friendly relationships between the sender and the recipient of the message.

How to create a Viral Promotional Campaign:
Identification of the audience: The most basic step in the marketing approach is to identify the target community that is the same audience. Marketers need to know who they are, with whom and with what gender and age, to better organize their audience and their field of activity.

Social Value: Users are always willing to share valuable things.

Attractive content creation: Generally creativity and motivation to buy a product or to receive services is one of the main pillars of any kind of marketing methods.

Campaign Publishing: Email, SMS, Online Forums on Social Networks, Forums All places to publish an advertising message that is worth the release.

Gravity: Creates an innovative content that once and for all can penetrate the visual mind of the audience.

Feeling: Stimulation of emotions is one of the persuasive factors, so the topics that are involved in the daily routine of users are more capable of re-publishing.

People: Advertising should be in such a way that all people of all ages are included, that is, material that has a dispersion of space to spread more often.

Practical value: Most people tend to have useful information to share it with others, while most people are also looking for entertainment, and share short and funny clips or informative and educational clips. .

Viral Marketing Methods and Criteria:

Famous people and marketing professors including Andreas Kaplan and Michael Henan Lyn have considered three criteria for viral marketing:

The right content, the right person and the right environment

Viral Marketing Factors:
1) Messengers: In order to ensure that we have succeeded in generating a normal message to a viral type, we require three channels of communication channels:

Market expert: Market experts are people who continually control market behavior and, based on the need of the market, distribute appropriate advertising on social networks.

Social contacts: This group of people has a large number of social interfaces that are usually associated with hundreds of users on social networks that are able to communicate effectively between different attitudes and can lead to re-targeting and sharing. .

Vendors: Vendors are instructed to expose products and services and expand them to encourage customers to buy.

2) Message: The message should have enough potential to motivate and encourage others to receive services or provide goods. In fact, it is better to say that it will not be reopened until the message is appealing and compelling.

3) The environment: the advertising environment is affected by the current events. Therefore, it is necessary to act on market changes and customer behavior in order not to result in a negative result from an advertisement.

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