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Provexum UK Make a castling, and you will see how your relationship normalizes, and the Internet flirt will disappear. If nothing helps , you must clearly define your position. Men poorly understand the language of emotions, and they may perceive their excessive manifestation as a temporary phenomenon. Express your opinion calmly, clearly and firmly. Let him know that your relationship is at risk and that you will not back down until you achieve a result. Otherwise, you will have nothing left but to break such a relationship, because people, of course, change, but only through mistakes and bruises. There are exceptions to the rule. There are cases when a man continued to communicate on the Internet as he pleases, within the limits of ethics, of course, but only on the Internet. All meetings with online chat partners were banned. The result of the “What happened on the Internet will remain on the Internet” rule is that all of them have gradually disappeared or only friendly relations have been preserved. Often frank conversations about sex between partners are considered shameful, unnecessary. Although sometimes it is necessary. To make sex more enjoyable, partners need to discuss their favorite poses, erogenous zones, and other explicit topics with each other. Question to partner Have you ever talked to your partner about what you and he likes in bed? If not, be sure to discuss this. It is better to ask him than to assume, and then make a mistake - this rule always works in sexual relations. How to start a conversation on such a candid topic? Suddenly, the partner somehow does not react so well? Start like this: “Let's talk. I want to tell you that I especially love having sex with you. I like a lot, but especially ... ". Then calmly, without a smile, list what gives you more pleasure during your lovemaking. When you finish listing without insisting, invite him to share with you what he likes about sex. Do not be silent about the pain If the partner has a big dick, and it brings pain during sex - tell the man about it, do not be silent. Explain to him that you need more foreplay, perhaps a special lubricant.

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