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25.02.2019 08:18
Life is alive, we mu Antworten

Life is alive, we must co-produce with the society, we must co-produce with the times, we must live in harmony with others, we must live a true self, and let the flowers of life bloom.s such a girl, she looks flat and has a flat grade. She is an insignificant little character in her class, just like the weeds growing in the corner, far less than the famous flowers in the garden. memory, she has always been a small person in her surroundings. Before high school, she lived almost exclusively in her own world. Apart from her loved ones and those few poor friends, she did not actively communicate with anyone. In the junior high school's study career, the people who spoke with her were pitiful. Therefore, she often said that she is a lone ranger with her good friends; coupled with her academic achievements are not outstanding, can not be called the so-called high-spirited, others do not know her need, even more amazing It was her three years in junior high school, but the teacher did not know her, and she did not know that she had brought such a student. In the end, she seems to have become accustomed to this kind of loneliness, and it is no big deal to not communicate with others. But in her heart, there is a faint, unspeakable loneliness Marlboro Gold is the turning point in her life. Because there is a group of lively girls in her dormitory Cigarettes Online, they are willing to communicate with her and even become friends. What is more fortunate is that she will be recognized by the teacher. She still clearly remembers her composition for the first time. The amazement of the appreciation and the feeling of awakening as a dream. Gradually, she changed her former loneliness, began to contact people of different personalities, and learned to communicate and integrate with the people around her. This really adds a touch of color to her life. change may be related to the environment in which she lives, but her stubbornness in her character has never changed. Rose, a sharp-eyed Newport Cigarettes Price, self-protecting plant, until the last moment of its life, did not take off the disappointing armor. She feels that she is a bit like it, because sometimes her bareness in her personality will make people around me feel at a has their own preferences and hatred Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, and of course she is no exception. She likes to be with her hobbies, and to avoid the things that are deeply hated, but her heart is not her character, so she will not waste time to perfuse anything she does not want to do Marlboro Cigarettes. At least, she feels that she lives very real, not tired and panting after the mask, which is exactly what she is pursuing. A person walks quietly on the country road, feels the breeze blowing over the cheeks, sitting on the stump in front of the door, watching the birds fly, the clouds fluttering, which is really a pleasure for such a girl, she is good at stealing a little time in her busy studies to find her own quiet and happy, her life is dull but fun. The girl who is full of dull but likes to pursue happiness in this life is me, a real person in a real society.

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