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Screw conveyor Cheap NFL Jerseys , or belt conveyor, is a kind of transportation equipment. The screw conveyor is suitable for transporting all kinds of powder granular materials and small block, such as coal, gravel, lump coal and sand, cement, cereal, etc, but not suitable for conveying easy-deteriorated, stickiness Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , and easy-forming materials. And it has wide application in several fields.

The screw conveyors are compact and easily adapted to congested locations which can be used as a mixer or agitator, to mix and blend dry or wet ingredients. Screw conveyors are available in a wide variety of materials to resist corrosion, abrasion or heat.

When it comes to screw conveyor, there are two things for specialized workers to grasp. They are correct operation and daily maintenance work. The following tips will give you the right guide.

1. Tips on how to control it correctly

(1) Make sure that there isn't any material in it before starting the screw conveyor. And when stopping the machine, you must stop adding the material first.

(2) Don't add the hard materials, for they may cause the screw conveyor to be damaged.

(3) Pay attention to the charging rate. It should be stable in case that it leads to blocking or overloading the driving device.

(4) If the belt is slipping, do not use your hands to deal with the problem. It's vital that you must turn off the power supply first.

(5) The temperature of working condition and materials should not exceed 50?. Moreover, the materials which contain the organic solvent or acid-base composition can't be added.

(6) You must stop working if there are some problems during running. For instance: vibration and noise. Additionally, it's necessary for you to find the reason and deal with it in time.rotary dryer:http:www.hxjq-millproductsdryer_machine
impact crusher:http:www.china-hxjqp4

(7) Please start each of the electrical equipment in right order. Don't touch the dangerous part of belt conveyor. And non-professional shouldn't touch the electrical element or control button.

2. Tips on how to maintain it

(1) Check the each part of the screw conveyor regularly. For example, you should know whether the fasteners are loose or not. If some fasteners are loose Cheap Authentic Jerseys , you must twist them tightly.

(2) Each moving part should be added enough lubricating oil. Therefore, they can work normally. In addition, examine the reduction box's oil level gauge. If there is lack in oil, just add it.

(3) The wear condition of some parts you should check too. Such as: axis pin, rubber ring, the blade of stirrer and liner plate. Moreover change it if it's worn out.

(4) Examine the sealing condition of machine's cover. Don't remember to check the cement bunker. You may do the moisture-proof measures termly, for cement bunker.

(5) Keep the work place or machine clean after finishing your work. And you must make sure that there isn't any material in hopper or bunker, if you don't need it.

Operation and maintenance are the basic skills that workers should grasp. In addition, these basic skills effectively increase the work efficiency and last the life of screw conveyor. So they are momentous for your work.

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